Ship Repair Yard Wega Bis performs

  • defects and technical condition assessments of mechanisms and devices for PRS, DNV – GL, SUK, KT classifiers
  • assessment of the wear level of mechanisms in terms of their further operation and possible overhaul
  • repair specifications for shipowners and KT, – repairs of devices for supervision of TDT, UDT
  • construction and repairs of vessels,
  • construction and renovation of spatial structures (trusses)
  • construction and renovation of land and water structures.
    We specialize in renovations
  • current and class repairs
  • repairs of ship hulls
  • repairs of auxiliary devices
  • combustion engines,
  • reduction and reversing gears,
  • reduction gears,
  • mooring winches,
  • windlasses,
  • linking elevators
    We have our own quality control department which issues
  • on the basis of conducted tests, we issue acceptance cards,
  • repair and overhaul certificates in accordance with the adopted standards and classifier recommendations
  • measurement cards of repaired devices
  • non-destructive testing in accordance with applicable classifier standards
  • sheet thickness measurements
    We have a staff of graduates among our collaborators
  • Szczecin University of Technology, Shipbuilding Department, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Shipbuilding Institute
  • Maritime University, Shipbuilding Department,
  • Mechanics Officers
  • Officers of Navigators

We have

  • design office,
  • automation laboratory,
  • smelting furnaces for sleeve melting,
  • machinery for metal processing,
  • total area of the site: 6000 m2;
  • length of quay: 400 m;
  • lifting capacity: up to 500 T;
  • dock: L – 82 m; load capacity 420 T;